Labor Day 2007!

An amazing weekend! Great fun and a great crew in attendance: Dr. Stirpoof and David, Charlie and Alex, KPC and the Ricker plus mom and dad, uncle Charlie, uncle #2 Johnny...and Vicky and Zach made the trip from New Hampshire!

From great evening dove hunts (great as in peaceful - less successfull) to hiking Nutt Mountain, and the last-ever Hillsboro Apple Festival. Prizes won and claimed at the ever famous Hatch Chili Festival. And perhaps a special highlight for the Bar Middle of Nowhere (that's really the name) and their Labor Day Saturday night dance where we were courted by cowboys (the real kind).

Wonderful time, wonderful memories and wonderful setting. What a special place! See all the pics from the link on the right.

Johnny Armstrong is a frequent visitor to Diamond Cross and is a gifted writer. Here is a great story from his first visit to New Mexico and a great version of Labor Day 2006

Map of New Mexico with Ranch

Directions from El Paso to Diamond Cross Ranch

Chili Eating Contest '06

We had a blast at the Hatch Chili Festival over Labor Day Weekend 2006. Brother, Charlie and cousin Avery's husband, Mike entered the Chili Eating Contest. Watch this video and notice Mike (big guy, blue shirt, white hat) and Charlie (skinny guy, to the right of Mike).
Charlie had a major meltdown...

Amazing Desert Skies!

Nutt Mountain

This is Nutt Mountain on the Diamond Cross Ranch. This view from the southwest is taken from the ranch house. Nutt Mountain is a well recognized peak in the area rising 1,500 above the desert plain.

This is a unique ecological area in Southern New Mexico bordered by the Cookes Mountain Range and the dramatic desert landscape. Learn more