Craig/ Chambers October weekend with the grandkids

We had a wonderful weekend at the Diamond Cross over Halloween weekend.  A cool, fall visit with mom, dad, Charlie and Debbie Chambers, Martha, me, Rick and Stirling and Marion.  What a treat for us to be out there with the girls and both sets of their grandparents! Marion's first trip at 5 weeks old and it was, luckily, pretty seamless.

Stirling was the hit of the weekend - and I can confidently say she had the best time of her life.  "Cows", "babies", "boppa" were the words of the weekend - so much so I think Charlie started to dodge the lil fireball after a while.  Stirling had a blast.  Shreaking, screaming, learning new words, playing with her kitchen out in the yard, smelling the lavender, and of course, looking at the cows.

We were successful in helping my mom cut the lavender back for winter and we are very much looking forward to the next visit already!  Here are a ton more pics

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